primedoverlord said: I've asked this question before and not sure if it got lost in the piles of comments you receive on a daily basis but: Do you know how they make those interactive flash comics on neopets for their evens? I'm very curious.

Hrm hrmmmm the ones I know of are from long ago when you put your mouse over the frame and the text would appear. If you mean those, it can be done with simple actionscript; onmouseover go to frame 2 and play the text movieclip, which then appears…onmouseout goes back to frame 1 which doesn’t have the text movieclip inside it.

Kind of like this old comic I did?

Of course this is using actionscript 2, actionscript 3 required more attention to learn than I could give it. :s


kaalashnikov said: Gonna pile on the 'you've really inspired me' train, I followed your work when I was a little kid on Neopets and it really got me working hard on my own art! Unfortunately I ended up doubting myself and finishing a non-art major in University before realizing after it that I'd have liked to do art - so now postgrad I'm going to art college in the fall, haha. I'm not sure how secure a career as an artist I can have with going to art school later in life, but I hope it'll work out.

Hey that’s actually a good plan!! Now you have a fallback career if you decide not to go into art or if you need extra money! :)

Thank you for being a fan for all these years!! 


thatoneasgardian said: (Sorry me again!) just to say I hope to see both you and your husband in the near future at an expo and to just ask if you ever considered designing/selling T-Shirts/hoodies etc? :D?

Perhaps! I’d separate the art myself for screenprinting so they’re a nicer quality though, I don’t trust any of those online print on demand sites. It would have to be a design that’s super punny.


atomikamoth said: Oh man speaking of Oekakis, I remember a long time ago watching the Advanced oekakis and being super jealous of everyone in there, but being far too scared to even attempt to tryout for either of them. I used to have far too much fun browsing your website when I was 11 or so and being super excited about seeing drawings of some of your characters (for some reason I specifically remember the one with the sword in their chest). Do you still draw them from time to time?

Speaking of SROA, I was asked recently for the link to it (secret link oooo) but the mysql was down and I never got a chance to look into that. I’m hoping the database is still there and I can just re-link it. 

Dhe is the one with a sword in his chest! I’m still super envious of artists that have a lot of characters, I only have Dhe, Kuro and Kuitsuku. I never thought up characters that I liked enough to continue drawing. Dhe was my go-to whenever I had boy problems hehe, so I haven’t drawn him for a long time.


clefdesoll said: Sadly it isn't! It was called etczo (later ssfo) and was actually quite successful in 2006, we were a little family of sorts. But then one of the java updates screwed up the app and everyone just kind of moved on to other programs- by the time they fixed it it was a wasteland, and since I was in a financial pinch I had to take it down (I was hosting two websites because it wouldn't host properly on my main, so one of them had to go and it was dead so yea :'c) but I'm think i might revive it? Idk

Aww I hear you!! It was costing me $200 a month to run the oekakis, which was super hard to pay for during college, however now it’s down to $125 a month. Luckily I turned Sutaro into a company so it was definitely worth it in the long run.


aidoruknight said: I like to say that you were a MASSIVE inspiration for me when i was starting out as an artist on neopets and somehow i came across your screenies a looooooooooong time ago and it just inspired me to make characters and a lot more art and i just want to thank you oh god i can't really say it >w<;;

If only Dhevil knew how important he was xD Keep making art! Keep going! Go go go go! I’m so grateful to have awesome fans eeeee


snowzboo said: Hello~ Just wanted to say like so many others you have been a massvive inspiration to me. You were pretty much the first artist I found and I really adored your Kougraa and adopts. I'm really glad you're still going at it and that you're doing well!

WOW I remember those adopts! xD Super old as well! Thank you for following me for so long! <3


jabbervvock said: Oh my gosh. So many people here from the good ol days ! I remember your screenies were some of my favorites. Poor Dhevil lost so many teeth XD

I still have some of them saved on Suta-Raito!

Here they are!


sidefury said: WINK WONK YOU'RE COOL :3 (sorry i can't think of anything more intelligent to say than this lol)

BOOP you’re pretty RAD yourself 8)


ixyra said: Hello! I would like to ask how you may have gotten started drawing professionally? Not necessarily freelance, but within a company. I've been freelancing for many years now, but can't seem to make the jump to one company for a long period! I'm afraid I may have to move as there is not much of an entertainment industry here in the mid-west US. I'm very curious if you ever had these troubles, and if so, how you overcame them?

It really all has to do with connections from school! I got a lot of my jobs from friends who knew of me from class or acquaintances. Other times it’s because a company saw my more popular art floating around the internet and asked me to join a project. :)


nataliaarlovskaya said: Hi! I see that everyone's posting their stories, so I thought I might as well share mine! I remember when I was like, what, six/seven? I found suta-raito, since, at the time, I was reaaally into pokemon, so your website was like pokemon heaven. Anyways, I'd print them out and paste them on my bedroom walls, and I would visit your website everyday, you were a big inspiration! When people ask me how I got on the internet, I can say without a doubt that it was through suta-raito. Thank you so much!

That’s awesome! I used to do that with all my favorite Pokemon art too! And I would put them all over my class binders and folders hehe. <3


monobaras said: Why did your neopets account get frozen?


I kept getting emails about resetting my neopets password and all that, which obviously I wasn’t trying to do but didn’t think it mattered because who would actually be able to hack my account right.

So then my account was hacked and the last time I logged in, my ixi was transferred to another account and all my neopoints were gone and they bought a bunch of potions and talked to people…so weird. ANYWAY I sent neopets a message (after changing my password) because I was SO ANGRY that Dhevil was gone and all his screenies were gone. I simply asked them to return my ixi and that I had been hacked but am secure again. I’m assuming they decided to freeze my account because of that. Thanks Neopets.

Ironically, when I login it tells me to contact them to unfreeze my account, but I can’t contact them without signing in. And I can’t sign in. So now I hav


noondaylantern said: i used to pop into your streams when i could catch them and at one point I even drew you a picture of Dhe when you inspired me to try to draw in flash, ahah. You're a big part of the reason I got into art and coding layouts and even a big part of why I decided to take on art schools! Keep being awesome :'3

Hehe, Flash is still the best program in the worlddddd. You keep being awesome too!!


neekko said: Hmm, a question... Is the Skiddles book still going to be a thing? P.S.: Miss your art tons! I joined Aywas recently just so I could enjoy it more, haha...

I keep changing what I want it to be about and getting sidetracked! Hopefully someday! Also hi Neekko I’ve missed you <3


howlingvoice said: heyy Kirsta! Long time no talk! I don't really have any questions other than how you been bby?! Tho I gotta say it was thanks to you and the oekakis that I became a freelancer, now I more or less make a living from it! So thank you!

You’re one of my oldest online friends, like ORIGINAL. A classic, hehe. 

THINGS HAVE BEEN AWESOME, I have no complaints other than needing more hours in a day! 

You got all that freelance yourself, don’t thank me ya crazy! :D I’m so happy that you’re doing well!!